Those 3D photorealistic visualizations present the ground floor of a house with a garden. The rooms are designed in the popular open space concept. Modern design is principally associated with minimalistic schemes. The perspectives are open and the main theory of it is” less means more”.

Large windows placed on the walls facing the garden seem to add more space to both the living and dining rooms. Ultra-modern interior design must be bright and open and it is characterized with great light dispersion. There are no heavy curtains on the windows, instead it was decided to put transparent white curtains and some functional blinds. There is a large sofa in a modern grey colour placed in the central part of the sitting room with some comfortable coffee tables.

The kitchen is in white, clear colours with steel kitchen appliances and a very useful island with a hot plate and sink. The hood is placed exactly above the hotplate on the island, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The location of appliances is thought through and creates a cohesive conception. There is just enough space for preparing the food on the worktop which is spotlighted with a couple of lights placed above it. The tiles in this 3D visualization are of the same white colour, but their size and texture are different. The dining room is easily accessible from the kitchen, so while preparing the dinner, the family members or invited friends can stay in contact all the time.

The most important in those 3D renderings, is that the design creates a beautiful and consistent image. The palette of colours is rather natural and neutral with pastel shades. The interior design gives the calm and smoothing atmosphere and creates a great atmosphere for the entire family.

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3D interior visualization of a living room and a dining room - Viscato