These 3D renderings present interiors of a house in Gessie Villastadt. The space is designed on a completely open plan with minimal number of enclosed rooms, such as a bathroom. The concept is characterized with elimination of barriers such as walls and doors which are traditionally responsible for separating different functional areas as kitchen, living room or dining room; and is of a very high interest especially among young, contemporary architects. Moreover, such concept gives plenty of opportunities for limitless interior design.

The 3D visualizations show bright and clean interiors, in which contrastive furnishings and accessories create its own individually designed style. A Simple fireplace of a dark colour is situated in the central part of the open space, giving possibility to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and heat to everyone spending their time on the ground floor.

Large, white staircase leads to the upstairs zone, which is organised in a similar way as that downstairs, offering plenty of room, which because of white colour usage seems to feel even bigger than actually is. An additional advantage of this space is the indoor two side balcony overlooking the main floor. The bathroom is designed in a rather uni-colour idea, the plants placed on a window sill give a refreshing pop of colour which can be easily changed. White tiles perfectly match the grey flooring and as there is no particular texture over them, they are super glossy creating seamlessly modern atmosphere of the room.

The white palette never fails in giving more aesthetic to any space. Large windows on the ground and first floor together with roof windows allow natural light in adding more fresh look to the entire design. Furthermore, they do not only illuminate the house with natural light but also allows to save loads of energy

If you are interested in the exteriors of this particular house take a look here:

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3D interior visualization of a kitchen with a dining table- Viscato