Viscato 3D artists produced some office interior renderings presenting a contemporary style of working space.

In those interiors, the investor decided to use a bit darker shades of wood than in their usual projects. But still, thanks to large windows there is no feeling of gloom and the interiors are lighted just fine. The lamps above the tables and employee desks are ultra-modern and perfectly complete the interiors. Moreover, there are so many of them, that even in the winter time when it gets dark quite early, the company employees will not feel under the weather.

The area is full of designer products which suit the whole concept. We can see those in every 3d visualization in the form of shelves, chairs, sofas, and tables. What we particularly like about this project is the variety of furniture used in each room, produced in different colours, various sizes, and materials. Nowadays, there is a fashionable trend to put together furniture which does not belong to the same set, this helps to achieve the unique, individual style.

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Working spot in the office, V-rayIndustrial style interior of an office in Germany, Viscato