In these 3D interior visualizations, you can see the modern concept of an office situated in Antwerp. Our artists produced them in 3D for our regular client who mostly deals with such designs.

As usually, the interior concept involves open spaces for the convenient cooperation between the coworkers, who often need more than one area of such a kind.

We can also see some conference rooms, phone booths, dining area and welcoming area – all designed with attention to details and excellent use of available space. They are all kept in consistent style, which this time is based mainly on the natural colours with a bit of warm tone. The furniture applied in these interiors is of a ultra-modern style but still seem uniquely comfortable.

The designers know exactly what kind of interiors the employees need to work without interruption in both private and common areas of the office. We are sure such interiors would also make a very good first impression on the potential clients invited for the business meeting.

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