CLIENT: Laetitia Buchter Architectes Sarl

This project represents the exterior concept, performed in the modern style with the main focus on functionality and minimalism. Why the exterior is so important? The appearance of the building gives the first impression of the place we go to. This placement is suitable for many options: from sanatoriums to residences because this exterior is universal. Hills and water, lush green trees and grass create a feeling of summer and warmth. Near one of the buildings, our 3D designers arranged the openwork arbor, where we can come to enjoy the view and to regain strength and compensate for the losses from everyday stress. This is the right place with fresh air to relax and disconnect from the world for some time. The open dining area is great for early morning coffee and breakfast outside. This complex is situated far from the city, which makes this place special. 

Our team also prepared the interior for this project, which you may see here.  

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