CLIENT: Intermain WA Pty Ltd

This is quite challenging to recreate really functional office space and facilities due to the big number of details, but this is real. This is the next project of office spaces made by Viscato team. This is not a secret the office space directly influences the productivity, work satisfaction, motivation, atmosphere, and other factors important for the workday activities.  Our 3D artists prepared a special design, which helps to increase the communication between employees and generally reduces stress. For instance, the canteen, where you may always come for a break or even to work, change the surroundings. The idea of small placements inside the major one is good for concentration on serious projects or negotiations. Overall style transfers us the impression of prestige and professionalism of the agency. This office interior is a clear embodiment of a real multifunctional interior with everything required.

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Black kitchen set, 3D interiorPicture of the ocean, 3D visualization