Viscato artists prepared some 3D exterior visualizations of a small residential estate consisting of two multi-family houses with private parking spaces. The 3D renderings present various aspects of the whole investment and from both detailed and bird-eye views.

A great advantage of this location is a free access to road facilities, even though the residential area is right about to be built in the middle of the forest. The houses are nicely surrounded with nature giving the atmosphere of freedom as the buildings are not separated from the forest with any kind of fence. From some terraces the residents can admire the beauty of dense trees while sitting on the garden furniture and sipping freshly brewed coffee.

White wood siding, formed of horizontal boards, is the key in the aesthetic of the structure. To add a little bit of variety in this project, the investor decided to apply various sizes of windows, contrasting with the stability and simplicity of the buildings design. Another contrasting element is the sloping roof, created with the usage of dark grey tiles.

The houses presented in our visualizations offer a lot of space, so they are just perfect for young families with children, who can additionally spend their spare time outdoor with friends from the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, they will suit well young professionals who need to recover from everyday stress.

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3d architectural visualizations of a duplex house in Bermuda Islands- Viscato3D architectural visualization of a semi detached dwellings- front view- Viscato