These architectural renderings present the exteriors of two semi-detached dwellings located in Austria. We have done a couple of resembling projects of the buildings designed on comparable plans, with the use of similar materials, colours and textures for this particular contractor. We are extremely happy with the trust our regular customer put in us. We always strive to provide the best 3D architectural visualisations, which facilitate the pre-sale of any new developments, as we understand the developers’ investment in high-quality photorealistic renderings may be highly decisive for success in sale, building the brand value and minimizing the financial risk at the same time.

This investment includes two semi-detached buildings, which could accommodate four families. Each of the residents owns their private garden space with terrace and a little tool shed, which together with nicely trimmed hedges divide the area at the back. The houses are of a white colour with a dose of grey shades used on the windows frames, doors and roofing accessories. Large windows, both in the front and back of the building, giving the abundance of natural light seem to be the “must have” in modern architectural design. Additionally, the architect decided to add a bit of brown tone which breaks the sterile, aesthetic look of the whole investment. Private roofed parking spaces are comfortably located right next to the building, so the families would not have any problems with safe access to their vehicles, even though there are no garages available on the premises.

The houses are located in a rather peaceful area surrounded with the natural beauty of trees, bushes and other plants. The land development fosters building small-scale communities, which are of a high importance in nowadays society.

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3d visualisation of a housing estate- night view3d visualization of a residential building in Munich- street view