CLIENT: Smart Bouwexperts

The project represents modern residential complex, where everyone may feel safety, high quality and comfort of living, impression of being inside expensive and splendid district.

Nowadays more and more people actively choose new residential complexes for living or investing into new property. This solution is quite understandable because residences are famous for its convenience, comfort, guarantee of security. Very frequently everything is already included in one area: shops, schools, nursery schools, entertainment places, which may be extremely convenient for families. Our 3D artists performed natural exterior which is emphasized by trees and lawns, so we may feel in the middle of the forest. This makes the place ecologically friendly, healthy for inhabitants and may become the other reason for the choice. The facade is created in the same bricks’ colour, which unites the hole residential exterior design.

The 3D visualization is the clue to successful purchase of real estate because such a big investment like house requires full understanding of the future acquisition.

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Fashioned summer bar, 3ds MaxMulti-storey building, 3D render