The 3D visualization represents the variation of office interior with using modern and convenient solutions.

Detailed pictures made by our 3D artists give the right perception of how the office of a dream should look like. We may observe here a wide range of  interior decisions, which recreate needed energy and mood for the employees.The project reveals big space for office relaxation zone, implemented with using light colours, open-spaced  rooms for cooperative work and dining purposes, cozy and practical design solution for chairs made for dining zone, comfortable solution for reception desk ,convenient wooden tables and furniture for strong concentration and attentiveness on a workplace, availability of  relaxation area- all items emphasize the high degree of care towards employees and ambition to create a special atmosphere.

Obviously, this is a successful project as many people aspire to work in such office. For many of us this interior is associated with luxury, expensive, premium style, where it is possible to feel like home.

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wooden table in the dining room, Viscato 3DWhite colored kitchen , 3D rendering