In this 3D realization you can see the exteriors of a complex of modern office buildings. Their architectural project is very interesting, as there is one main building which is connected to the other three, so the business people can easily move around them without  the necessity to exit and again enter the office if they need to get in touch with another department.

The buildings were designed in the same concept, with plenty of glazed surfaces in the form of windows. The elevation itself is made of shiny glass, and it reflects the surrounding giving the feeling of high end modernity and uniqueness.

The offices are surrounded with  small green spaces both around and in between the buildings with some bunches and grass to sit during the break. The land side development includes wide pavements and parking spots, however it is not overwhelming and leaves a lot of free area for the people working in there and also for the passers-by.

More and more developers decide to implement similar projects to this one around the world. It seems to be very trendy in the contemporary architecture and Viscato artists are glad to be a part of a team working on such designs.

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3D visualization of a detached house with wooden siding3D exterior visualization of an office and residential building, Viscato