With pleasure, we may present you another architectural realization made for one of our favorite Austrian clients. In addition to 3D visualizations, which our artists prepared we want to highlight some interesting features of this particular project.

Once more we want to introduce you to the fantastic designing solution which is a parking below the building structure. This allows residents to access cars directly from the dwelling even when the weather conditions are not of a favorable kind. At the same time due to a position on the slope, we expose fantastic design of this multi-family house. Please take a closer look at those astonishing glass balustrades that may be seen at all visualizations. You may see they are made of foggy glass which provides some privacy leaving you with a pleasant aesthetic feeling. If the neighborhood seems familiar, it is so because we have made one realization in this area before. To see it visit:

Structure of the building perfectly fits into the surrounding due to its versatile cubature with elements that easily adapt with vegetation around the premises. This feature allows residents to enjoy beautiful area full of trees, bushes, and other flora elements that can be found in this neighborhood.I think we all are looking forward to seeing the next realization of such a design.

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Charming visualization of the house at the evening hour ViscatoRenderings of multifamily building with red facade Viscato