These 3D visualizations present exteriors of a new realization in Norway.

The detached house is designed in a simple way with the usage of natural materials, such as wood, which is seen on the facade in the form of two tone siding. The whole look is fulfilled with dark frames of windows and some bearers in the corner of the building. The windows themselves are of a big size, which is very popular in the contemporary design, currently so much liked by the potential buyers. They let in plenty of natural light and make the interiors look more spacious. The house can be entered through the door located on the level of the first floor, straight from the carport. Even though there is no garage, such a solution is often enough to keep the cars and bikes. The good thing is that the residents have their own drive, so there will not be any problems with extra car spaces in case of friends’ visits.

The renderings were prepared in the day light scenery so we can see the natural surrounding with some little bushes of a different kind.

Our artists prepared also some 3D interior visualizations which you can check here:

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Barn house visualization in the night time, Viscato3D renderings of a glass office building