Nowadays,  it is very popular to build big Investments with plenty of apartments waiting for their residents. But not everyone likes such places to live in. Some expect more privacy and less neighbours hanging around and these 3D visualizations present the building that would be an absolutely perfect option for the pepole with such requirements.

The building seen in the 3D exterior rendering is situated in the corner of the street, so there is an easy acess to it from three sides. It offers a couple of apartments with balconies, terraces  and large windows on three floors. Right in front of the building, there are some parking spots so the residents do not need to worry about the place for their cars.

The facade is made of unified clinker brick in light colour, which is important for the overall look of the surrounding as it nicely corresponds to the next building. Dark window frames, barriers, gutters and other finishings create an attractive contrast and add more elegance to the Investment.

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Premium housing estate with reflecting pool, Viscato 3Dhouse with a swimming pool at night, 3D visualization