Shades of grey are extremely on-trend in modern interior architecture and it seems to be everyone’s choice when it comes to decorating their bedrooms. Such colour is quite neutral and gives the feeling of comfort. For all that, it is still possible to create a darker, more dramatic feel by using deeper shades of grey.

This grey styled bedroom has one extremely big advantage as it is easy to change the look of it. Even a minimal addition of a more contrastive colour in decorative elements like: yellow or blue, would bring much more life into the bedroom, however as bedroom is supposed to be an oasis of peace the residents rarely decide to take such steps. The bright and airy scheme can be achieved by adding white shades- which originally are considered to be the main point of Scandinavian style.

To give some distinction interior designers usually decide on wallpapers in the focal point of the bedroom right behind the bed. In this interior they have decided on big panels, which are quite comfortable to instal and maintain. The open shelving unit built into the panels are backlit so can be used for either presentation of decorative elements, the task of which is to attract attention, or just to store some books and other necessities.

The bed is located in the central part of the room, its base together with bedside tables is white but the bedhead is of a similar colour as the wall panels, as it is not considered to be the most important decorative element in the entire room. Mixed tones of bed linen used in this 3D visualization, creates a relaxed, welcoming look.

Viscato’s 3D artists have carefully balanced the monochromatic shades to bring the elegance and glamour to this particular interior. Different tones on which they have decided in furnishings ensure the colour theme does not become tedious or dull.

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3d renderings of a kitchen with grey furniture3D renders of a micro apartment with a balcony- Viscato