These 3D exterior visualizations were prepared for our client residing in Luxembourg. They present the design of a 5- storey modern apartment block finished off in high standard. The 3D renderings were prepared in the daylight from various perspectives.

The block of flats is designed in the shape of rectangular with a flat roof and overhanging balconies. The concept of the construction is repetitive and consistent; Consistency is considered to be the thread that ties together elements in a single design. The main part of the building is sided in the light colour, but the lower parts, which are much more probable to get dirty or damaged, are sided in the dark grey shade. This will prevent the building from visible damages such as stains or marks. Still, the material used for elevation is the same despite the colour differentiation.

The flats on the top floor are of a little bit different design- with large windows playing the role of the wall. Such an idea is quite popular in a nowadays architecture design, as it lets in more natural light, giving the feeling of openness and spaciousness. There are terraces of quite a serious size, enough for placing some outdoor furniture and plants. The use of glass balustrades while designing balconies on the lower floors maximises the visibility. The views are completely uninterrupted, without even a handrail line. Even though they may seem to be delicate, the balustrades are made of durable material guaranteeing years of usage. Viscato artists are sure everyone would enjoy a cup of coffee in such a spot.

The building is well organized with a thought-through concept aiming to create the feeling of mentioned consistency. The symmetrical natural surrounding with well trimmed trees and hedges additionally highlights the contemporary character of this 3D project.

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