CLIENT: Design Döhmen

The 3D exterior visualizations present a shopping centre in the city of Cologne.  The first renderings present the current look of the elevation, which is made of white openwork panels.

The main purpose of ordering that project in 3D was to show two concepts presenting the new elevation style for this shopping place. The first proposal, is of the same colour as the present façade but instead of open work panels in a bit of Moroccan style, the designers has come up with an idea to use simple in shape, form and colour panels. Still, as they are installed in the opposite directions, we can see the designers approach was to propose the kind of facade that is of a great popularity not only in Germany, but actually in the whole world.

The second proposal, seen in the last visualization nicely imitates the material of copper which brings to mind the industrial style, so popular these days. The elevation panels are installed in the shape of Xs with little holes regularly placed on the panel surface.

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