The 3D architectural visualizations of a luxurious villa with a rooftop apartment in a warm and pleasant Kuwait.

It was designed in a classical shape with the main door just in the middle of the building. The proportions of the villa are impeccably planned, the same as the colours, materials and textures used in this 3D project. The elevation seems to be particularly interesting as there are a couple of eye-catching and contrasting panels. The windows are of different sizes, shapes and division, however each floor is provided with the same number of them.

The rooftop terrace is designed in a convenient and comfortable way with plenty of space for relaxation on modern style sofas placed in two areas, separated with a fountain. Right next to each sofa there are glass coffee tables which would be just perfect for a drink or two served straight from the bar, equipped in a fridge, mounted sink and a barbecue. The design is kept in light and natural colours enriched with a deluxe, wooden floor. There are some exotic plants in stylish stone pots placed here and there.

The Villa is elegantly illuminated, giving the feeling of luxury especially when looked at during the night-time. Viscato artists can easily admit that the Villa itself represents the newest trends in architecture.

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3D architectural visualization of a semi detached dwellings- front view- Viscato3D exterior visualization of an apartment block- daylight view- Viscato