Viscato artists love to prepare interiors in Scandinavian style as they represent the balance of functionality and aesthetics at the same time. They are meant to be open, airy and filled with natural light.

Those 3D renderings present interiors of a small Attefall House, which plays the role of a guest house. Even though the square metrage is not that impressive, the clean design highlights its functionality. The pallette of colours used in this project is typical for Scandinavian style with the white shade in the lead. White is repeatedly treated as the main colour, but it does not give the feeling of boredom as other interesting textures and colours add to this project more individuality.

The idea for open plan is just perfect for such small living spaces, as it offers more possibilities for the designer to organize the interiors, including furniture, to meet the requirements of the residents. The design style puts emphasis on efficient use of space, making maximum use of any possible area. In this particular project the space under the stairs is cleverly utilized, creating extra storage space; it is also a great location to hang the TV, which can be easily watched straight from the grey sofa.

There is a bedroom on the entresole, with a big and stylish bed and two bed side tables with lamps. It is a great thing to have a separate place for sleeping even in such a small, fancy guest house. Even though it is not separated with the walls from the rest of the flat, it still offers some privacy and intimacy.

The bathroom is designed in a minimalist style with all necessary facilities. The functional layout is the most important in the matter of limited space. White bathroom fixtures and fittings, windows, mirror and reflective surfaces, like those seen in the visualizations, white ceramic tiles, are considered the key to making the most of light in the bathroom and visibly enlarging the space.

Those 3D visualizations present the interiors of the following project:

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