CLIENT: Deris Jocelyn Design

This is the recent project delivered to our client. Looks so cozy and soft! One of the interesting details here is the velvet furniture, which gives a touch of chic. Also, the glass wall to the bathroom gives the feeling of staying in a luxury hotel. Roof windows give so much light inside, and together with different lighting solutions, we have a mix of soft light and daylight. Our team also paid attention to details, such as vases with flowers, wall pictures, candles in the bathroom. We hope all details of the project help you to feel the atmosphere. One of our favorite solutions here is also the bath, which has a round shape. Minimalism seems easy but has a lot of details inside it. We will help you not to get lost and visualize the needed style step by step.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows, Viscato 3DMulti-family unit, 3D render