CLIENT: Laetitia Buchter Architectes Sarl

This project reflects the interior solutions for the bedroom and dining area. In the house of any person, there should be a small cozy place in which you can relax, move away from everyday problems and just sleep. Your well-being in the morning is directly related to how you slept at night. Every little thing is important in achieving comfort. A bedroom with such a window view is a dream! Light is everywhere, projected by rounded lamps. This would be amazing for people who love to read before bed. Our team is sure -the design of any bedroom begins with a color scheme. Bright and cool colors visually increase the volumes of the room, give a feeling of freshness. Fresh flowers will always decorate any interior, even for the dining area. That is the pleasure to have breakfast looking at the water and hills. Our 3D architects used wide windows for every visualization as well as wooden furniture, floor, and ceiling as wood is famous for its environmental friendliness, durability and visual appeal. Also, 3D designers used an interesting light solution for the dining place interior. 

Professional 3D visualization helps you avoid mistakes that may subsequently affect the comfort and efficiency of the space.

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