CLIENT: Archifaktur

Viscato 3D artists prepared new visualizations of a resort interior in the Alps. Inside the placement, we get into the canteen zone. This area is constructed for the big number of visitors. Everyone has a chance to spend breakfast time admiring beautiful snowy Alps. The view of nature is amazing! This canteen is full of different furniture types. You may find the table for one or seat together with your family and friends on soft grey sofas. Almost all items are prepared using light-colored wood, which makes the atmosphere cozy and homely. Near each table, there is greenery curling from the upper vases and by the tables. This is a great solution for refreshing the air and design in general. We prepared several types of lighting in this project. Mixed lighting is a new trend in interior design, so here you may note pendant lamps above each table together with recessed ceiling lamps. This canteen is a great place to spend the morning and get inspired by fantastic views. The interior is able to create magic and change the direction of the day to the positive side. 

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