We are pleased to show you this fantastic 3D visualization of a modern residence which is full of very interesting architectural solutions.

At the beginning of the exploration, we will find ourselves in a parking lot that is situated under the upper floor of the dwelling. This brilliant idea gives us unforgettable aesthetic impression which will stay with us during the whole exploration of this spectacular design. Our artists also made a visualization from bird’s-eye perspective which allows us to see the full picture of not only the house but also most of the surroundings. This particular project fantastically handles the fact that the building is located on a slope. In addition to these renderings, we made interior ones too. Check the link below:

Please take a closer look at the area with the pool and well-matched boarding of a terrace. We find it interesting that in the middle section of the terrace there is still some lawn left which is an unconventional yet forward thinking idea. This is why we are so fascinated with this landscaping design. In the area behind the pool, we can see open work canopy which will be overgrown by a vine in the future. Such natural shelter will look beautiful in addition to the garden on the incline. We find ourselves enchanted with this realization, all its unique elements are worth remembering.

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3D Design Rendering of a roofed terrace with furnishings ViscatoCharming visualization of the house at the evening hour Viscato