These 3D renderings present the office area designed in a fully industrial style. The walls, the windows, the celing, the floor are all kept in this concept, which is visually entrancing, functional and open. The area seems to create a strong and motivational place to work. The huge green wall divides the office and allows the workers to feel close to the nature.

The materials used in this project seem to be basic but if we combine them together they gain more professional look. Concrete, steel, wood- this is all you need to design industrial interiors but it is not easy to achieve something really special with such basic materials. However, the Investor has decided to put a lot of greenery which adds this final touch to the design.

The office is based on an open space concept with individual wooden desks of quite a big size, which would definitely be comfortable for the users. In the background, we can also see some common area with sofas, armchairs and bean bag chairs. There is also a spacious dining area with a bar, which would serve the role of a meeting spot.

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3D visualization of a business club in Atlanta, ViscatoOffice with large windows, Viscato