CLIENT: STAAG Architecten

The 3D exterior visualizations present an industrial building designed for business purposes. It has a contemporary design with large, glass walls that are seen in the representative parts of the building. Through them, we can see that the office interiors are based on the open space concept with the rooms located on the first floor, leaving the ground floor the role of the welcome area. The offices only take a part of the building area, there is still some place developed for manufacturing purposes, but unfortunately, we cannot see that through the dark walls of the façade.

Naturally, the Investor provided the employees and clients with some parking spaces on site as the manufacturing company is not based in the centre of the city but rather in the suburban area or a special economic zone.

The headquarters are located in a nice, full of the nature area, with a little pond nearby and we are sure that in such a building it would be a pleasure to perform business activities of a different kind.

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