These 3D exterior visualizations present a housing estate in Austria.

There are a couple of block of flats organised on a rectangular shape plot. Even though the buildings are not in a far distance from each other they are not that high, so the residents may feel more comfortable in comparison to other newly developed housing estates. In the renderings we can see the buildinsg  facades both from the side of the street and from the inner area of the whole development. Additionally, we can also see the whole investment plan and its location thanks to the bird-eye view. The investor decided to show a bit of interiors by ordering the visualization with a camera placed on the terrace that allows for a sneak peak into the open space flat with a kitchen, dining room and living room designed in a form of one zone.

This investment includes a variety of flats on three floors with rooftop flats offering large terraces and ground floor flats offering little gardens. The elevation is kept in a white colour with only small additions of dark shades and wooden/metal elements visible on balconies, terraces and top floor facade. The estate seems to be perfect for families with children which look for a secure flat with an easy access to the city facilities.

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