CLIENT:    Ronander & Laursen Arkitekter AB

The 3D visualization presents a housing estate which is definitely of a modern character, placed in an urban environment with rich commercial facilities like shops, restaurants and cafés. Its diverse functionality and spatial structures are perfectly suitable for living in large social groups. Such places are thought to be a must in contemporary multi-family residential area, as nowadays people like to mingle and spend their spare time “in the City”, which in this situation seems to be right next door.

In contemporary architectural accomplishments it is extremely important to realize that the result of a particular design should derive straight from the purpose of its and that the components of the buildings must tone in.

In this project, the individual buildings are designed with the usage of different textures and siding materials, most of which are industrially produced, the same for the roofs, which however are all functionally pitched. Even though the constructions are distinctive their mutual point is the idea of sharp lines and quite complex geometrical composition. From some apartments it is possible to admire the neighbourhood from balconies, which unfortunately are not of the biggest size. The owners of commercial facilities are in a better position as in some of the properties there are terraces placed on the rooftops.

This particular example of modern housing estate with its architectural and technological concepts meets high expectations of potential residents.

The 3D renderings were prepared in both day-light and night-light, presenting details of the apartment and commercial premises.

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3d exterior visualization of a shopping centre in Belgium- entry3d exterior renderings of a multi family house- daylight view