These 6 decent detached houses were designed in the form of a single housing development in a great location, as Vellinge is ranked the number 2 best place to live in Sweden. The dwellings are about to be built with the usage of traditional technologies based on a rather contemporary architectural design. Each house will be provided with private roofed parking spaces right next to the residential buildings.

The biggest advantage of being an owner of a free-standing residential building is that the entire place around the building is private. In this particular 3D project, the houses are settled in a reasonable distance from each other and in various directions, offering opportunity for undisturbed relaxation at any time of the day. Moreover, they are all surrounded with a dense forest giving the possibility to stay closer to the natural environment.

Additional advantage is that the entire development will be completed with high and low greenery, roads, pavements and street lights which are of harmonizing forms and details. The most popular aim of architectural projects is to create a superb place area for every citizen. It is important to take into consideration the fact that buildings are altered throughout the lives of every human being depending on their family and financial status. Such housing estate seems to be exceptional for families with children who need plenty of space to play and develop their personal skills.

The chosen colours are rather of traditional and universal shades focusing on white and grey, with some wooden panels serving the role of shutters. The sloping roof together with mouldings give them even a more traditional look corresponding to the conventional types of housing which even children are familiar with. The skylights let more natural light into the attic, creating extraordinary space for an additional adaptation.

Even though these are only 3D architectural visualizations, it is quite easy to let imagination run free and start thinking of moving to this residential district. Albeit Sweden is not a tropical country, it is considered a great place for investment, especially in the south of the country where the weather is much milder.

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