Viscato produced 3D exterior visualizations of a small housing estate located in lovely natural surrounding.

Nowadays, such complexes are of the biggest popularity in autonomous suburbs, which provide recreational space in the form of parks, forests and greens. Young parents seem to love the idea of spending free time with their children in their very own garden.

As the houses are to be built by a single contractor, in one building design, they tend to be uniform in appearance. The buildings were designed on a rectangular plan with sloping roofs and terraces. Windows are of a regular shape and size, with similar ones placed in the roofs. As the windows are located on four walls of the house, some rooms are perfectly lit irregardless of the time of the day. The investor decided to finish off their investment with the usage of dark wooden siding, which perfectly match the roof and windows material, creating consistent and neat look. The houses are accessed via private road infrastructures with parking spaces available for every householder located right in the middle of the development.

There are also some attefall houses, perfect to serve the role of guest houses. They are quite small, but still can be built with kitchen, bathroom and year-round building standards. If the surface area does not exceed 25 square meters there is no need for planning permissions, which significantly facilitate the investment realization.

These renderings also present the surroundings of the settlement, which are particularly enchanting. Potential residents may find the investment location just perfect. It offers plenty of space, planted with trees and bushes granting some sought-after privacy, far away from the commotion of the city.

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3D exterior visualization of an apartment block- daylight view- Viscatosemi-detached house architecture visualization of frontal elevation Viscato