Gessie Villastadt is a small urban area, called ‘locality’ in Sweden. If we take into consideration urban zone in a regular meaning it is a human settlement with high population density and infrastructure of built environment. However, Swedish people have a little bit different meaning of that expression, which means that such urban areas do not have to be of a big acreage. In this 3D architectural visualization you can have a look at a housing estate built in an interesting and unusual way. As a matter of fact, it should be treated as a housing estate consisting of terraced houses, however one house stands freely and is considered a detached house.

The houses are of a very regular, rectangular shape and similar size. Even though the elevation is just clear white, the roof colour is the point which makes this investment unique, as a light green sloping roof is not of a big popularity, but together with the facades and wooden panels serving the role of shutters it creates a very consistent image of a house.

This 3D exterior visualization does not only present the buildings themselves in the day and evening light but also what the potential buyers will find in the yard and how it is going to be facilitized. It looks like a perfect place for families with children as the playground is located just in the middle of the development giving the feeling of safety and security to parents, who at the same time can have a chit chat with their neighbours while sitting on a comfortable bench.

The houses are of a proper size with an open space plan and spacious attic with roof windows allowing more natural light into. The big advantage in the matter of window placement is the fact, that the large ones are based only on the walls directed outside the housing estate not into the courtyard, so the residents can admire the beauty of natural surroundings.

To make the long story short, Viscato always enjoys preparing 3D renders for such a professional company as Ronander and Laursen is, which has so many great and unique projects to implement in Sweden.

Viscato artists prepared 3D interior visualizations of this investment as well, which you can find here:


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