Increasingly often, the Investor decides to make the real estates greener by using the space on the roofs, where they sow lawns and plant small bushes or trees. This is a second great idea to use this space, just after building there a solar power plant, which converts the sunrise into electricity. Introducing these ideas has been gaining in popularity as the Investor’s goal is to make their real estates the most attractive for the potential buyers, and let’s face the fact that the real estate market is now extremely competitive. Apart from the greenery, there are some more natural accents. The Investment is located by the small river and we can also see a lake nearby. The buildings are separated from another Housing Estate with a line of large, trees creating a little forest.

This construction project consists of five buildings, four of which have a facade made of wooden siding, so popular these days. Only one building is finished with lighter, nearly white colour. The buildings are designed on a little bit different concept plans, offering flats with balconies and terraces in a variety of sizes and sides of the world. The premises are also children-friendly, as the street right next to the investments is not a type of a main road and the Investor found a spot that transformed into a playing ground for the youngest residents.

While looking at these 3D visualizations you can feel the atmosphere of the European, northern, full of nature countries, with calming surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city

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