CLIENT: Smart Bouwexperts

The investement presented in these 3D architectural visualizations is located in Altweerterheide in the Netherlands.  It is a small town with quite a small number of residents, away from the busy city.

Thanks to the use of brick on the elevation we can feel the idyllic atmosphere of the area.  The brick is dyed in two colours, the darker one is installed on lower part of elevation, so it will not get dirty so easily. Decorative facing brick is a great solution for the external use as it does not need that much attention in the course of the maintenance.

The Investor cares for the environment and resident’s wallets and installed solar panels on the roofs. The panels are seem only from the garden side so they do not disturb the house design seen from the front side, which should always have a representative role. We are happy that the solar panel trend among the developers has been gaining in popularity.

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