CLIENT: Woning Media

The shades of white and grey complemented with natural, wooden materials are very popular among our clients. However, in this 3D project we can notice a detail that distinguishes it from the others – the grey ceiling. It is rather a regular thing to paint the ceiling white in the interiors however, in the upcoming months of 2019 – decorating ceiling  will be one of the top designs.

The kitchen is equipped in numerous kitchen cupboards and an additional kitchen island with a cooker and a hood above it. At the other side, the kitchen Island works as a little bar top with three stools that allow to keep more social atmosphere while preparing the food. Still, if the residents need more space to celebrate dinner with family of friends  there is a separate, more convenient  spot. Dining table located in the corner of the area, right next to a huge window offers the view on the greenery surrounding the investment. If there are three people at the table they can sit on comfortable charis and the upholstered bench on the other side of the table will not disturb the view.

Right next to the kitchen there is a living area with a L-shape sofa and two comfy armchairs located just next to the fireplace. The colours of this part of the open space interior nicely corresponds to those seen in the cooking and dining zone. The same stands for the bedroom, but there the colours are rather darker with dominance of grey tones.

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