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This project presents several ideas of how to incorporate greenery into the interior and exterior. As soon as we bring a new flower to our house, it immediately becomes fresh, expensive, fashionable, natural, and bright. They not only decorate the interior, but they also reduce the number of toxins in the air and improve its quality together with aromatherapy effects that certain species can have. Here the Viscato 3D artists prepared a living wall of moss, which has a universal design that fits offices, restaurants, hotels, apartments, and houses. One of the options to place the greens is to use the wall pots attached to the horizontal bars and hanging pots. Another way might be the wooden shelves from floor to ceiling, where we may put all the pots. Braided ropes in beige colors are the best for hanging plants. We hope this project will inspire you to organize your greens and incorporate them into the interior.

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Grey bedroom interior, 3dsMaxBlack mat fireplace, 3D Rendering