Once again the whole Viscato team is charmed with the final effect of another Scandinavian realization. We are sure you will find its stylish and cozy design pleasant to look at.

Most of the attention is focused on a bedroom that is just perfectly arranged with its gray and white coloristic surmounted by that exceptional dark sheets. Its well-lighted nature with contrasting details fits perfectly into this architectural realization. Our artists’ aim was to unlock all the potential that lies in this particular space, which resulted in those astonishing interior renderings.

Please pay attention to the bathroom with its simple and ascetic concept that is a reference to the whole structure. To fathom the entire idea of this project check the exterior visualization:

Single coloured bathroom with a few natural details will leave you with the feeling of peace for the entire day after a warm morning shower. Of course, you may also relax in the bathtub after a stressful day at work. This bathroom will adjust to your needs and mood momentarily thanks to its neutral design.

Consequently, the kitchen with dining space keeps the general idea of the whole project. You may see simple, yet very functional space with a gentle grind generated by the green coloured details. You can observe that every present project seems to be consistent and kept as simple and natural as it is possible. This particular one not only fits into such a concept but uses its solutions to its advantage.

You are able to take a closer look into the spacious living-room of the dwelling. In the present day minimalism, we can find this room a little cozier and defined thanks to its finishing. This gentle step into a more personalized area is a healthy breakthrough of current trends. Beautifly illuminated space is what will make your day and help you relax with a cup of your favourite coffee.

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3D visualization of a merged living room and kitchen with wooden floor Viscato3D Visualization of the scandinavian design with interesting heater Viscato