CLIENT: Deris Jocelyn Design

One of the places which are visited, when you have a special occasion is a flower shop. The nice and fresh scent of flowers makes our mood better and reminds about spring. This project represents the 3D interior visualization of a flower shop. This place has a specific atmosphere. Viscato 3D artists prepared the interior in the pastel color palette: beautiful peach shade decorates several walls of the main room with flowers. What about the additional space for the employees, our team used turquoise and gray. This color combination creates a harmony inside and matches well with the interior of the main room. 3D artists also used several different lighting options. Ceiling and pendant light with a neon signboard on the wall mix warm and cold lights together and makes the whole atmosphere stylish.

What is also important to know about the flower shop is the requirements and particular standards that should be fulfilled. The room should have enough light, warmth, and space for flowers. Here, you may see a lot of space with small interior items, which create a house atmosphere. For instance, beautiful wooden shelves with books, vases in various geometrical shapes and small candles. Cute interior details are important not only for house, as it is usually considered, but for commercial spaces as well. Our team took care of it. We are sure, this project will be successful in the future and many people will love the design.   

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