CLIENT: Tenderflame

Today the Viscato team of 3D artists presents the new project of a very popular and demanding interior element- fire. Many of us used to have candles or fireplaces, but it is not always convenient and safe. Natural fire requires attention and supervision, for example, if we talk about candles, which can not be left unattended. The concept of eco-fire changes peoples’ perceptions about the fire in the house itself. Looking absolutely stunning and naturally, it creates a brand-new design of any room in your house. It can be kept in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or even kid’s room for a long time making the atmosphere magical, especially in the evenings. Through the visualizations, you may clearly see that eco-fire may exist as a separate strong element, but also be combined with others, like flowers, be a part of the coffee table, it may decorate any shelf in your room. We are sure the guests will be fascinated by this fire if you will put it on the table while dinner, or burn it when watching the movies together at night. Viscato team strongly believes- this eco-fire is worth your attention.

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