CLIENT: Govareazone

Fine dining restaurant are all different but have some characteristics in common. They not only offer high quality food prepared of the best ingredients often imported from all over the world, but also what is more important in our industry amazingly designed interiors that strengthen the experience. The same as in the cooking and food decorating process the owners put attention to small details in aesthetic of the space. All the decorative elements perfectly match each other, and create a one consistent zone. The geometric shapes can be noticed in every part of the restaurant interiors, especially triangles and hexagon, which are recently very popular among interior designers. The materials used in this project such as solid wood, marble tiles, stone panels, and architectural concrete are also of high quality of excellence. The green accents that are seen in nearly every 3D visualization complete the whole concept and create more natural, homey feeling.

The restaurant premises are located not only inside the building but also outside, where we can see a large terrace in a form of a semicircle that nearly double the capacity of the restaurant. The restaurant is in a warm climate so there is no worry that this beautiful spot will not be able to offer its full potential. There are tables offering comfortable dining experience for five people or sofas and hanging armchairs perfect for coffee or a couple of drinks in the evening hours.

Both the inside and outside areas are so amazing we are not sure if it is going to be easy to decide on the right table for a special occasion dinner with family or friends.

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