CLIENT: Ann-Interiors

Scandinavian style has been extremely popular style among our clients, however we have the feeling it has been slowly making space for other concepts, which is definitely seen in this 3D project.

The project presents luxurious interiors including bedroom and bathroom that create one, large zone and another bathroom and toilet. The applied colours belong to the group of earthy colours such as browns and greens. Different shades of copper are seen even in small details such as water taps. The atmosphere in these interiors is very warm, the light gives the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

In comparison to Scandinavian style, the walls are not white but finished with stone and wooden accents- playing decorative role at the same time. In the toilet we can see patterned dark tiles combined with the marble which is really trendy. However, those dark colours are breached with light cabinet counter which may work as a little storage shelf as well.

All the chosen furniture is stylish, classy and elegant. The design is consistent and definitely makes a great impression. In the master bathroom we can see a free standing bathtub which is definitely a synonym of luxury and prestige. Apart from its practical feature that kind of bathtub if situated in the central point o adds character to the bathing room.

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