CLIENT: Andre Van Ingelgem, Medicineheads

The new 3D exterior was recently delivered to our client. The attractive and creative color combination of brick and blue colors is the first thing that catches the eye. This combination makes the facade visible and bright. We may also see that the building is located next to the library with long and wide floor-to-ceiling windows with greenery as a detail of a facade. Viscato 3D artists also worked on the landscape and territory appearance. We may see lots of contemporary and futuristic installations here: differently shaped outside benches, chaise-longues grouped together, many green trees, and juicy lawns. These landscape areas make the place alive as become a meeting spots for people. We also may see the aerial view of the whole territory, where trees, lighting, and relaxing spaces show up. 

Perfect exterior design is not only about the beauty of the building, but it is also about using the space rationally and making the whole area multi-purposed.

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Evening view, 3dsMaxFloor-to-ceiling windows, Viscato 3D