CLIENT: April Studios GbR

This project is dedicated to the exterior 3D visualization and represents a residential building in the green field. When it comes to the design of a landscape, the Viscato team of 3D artists put the building into a green garden. A great view and fresh air are guaranteed for everyone, who will buy the apartment there. Observing the visualizations, you may feel that the building is situated somewhere out of the city, near the countryside, providing some privacy for the house. This house will become a convenient option of a residential property for several reasons. Firstly, it has the open loggia, which is perfect for a coffee. Secondly, the layout of the house, consisting of floor-to-ceiling windows and wide-open balconies. The building is performed in a modern style and definitely matches the latest standards. In this building, everyone will feel comfort and tranquility. Far from the noise of city streets, you can enjoy the silence, and the territory in front of the house can be decorated with your preferences, providing it with flowers, additional furniture, and other decorative elements.  

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