CLIENT: Hanrehan Estates LLC

We would like to present to you the exterior solution next to a beautiful lake. This project represents the concept of the nursing house. Viscato 3D artists prepared a bunch of houses surrounded by nature. Peaceful environment, birds songs, green trees influence beneficially and help us to relax, get rid of stressful factors. Moreover, the area is equipped with a small wooden arbor, where everyone may enjoy the fresh air and lake. Near the arbor, you may observe kayaks and wooden pier. Each house has the path to the lake. When it comes to the exteriors, our team performed a two-story house in the dark grey with wide panoramic windows and spacious glass balconies. You may see the bird’s eye view of the complex. The small sports playground would be a perfect place to gain energy and make some physical education. This place has a good road connection and parking. The natural environment is the best healing for body and soul.

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