CLIENT: Andre Van Ingelgem, Medicineheads

Autumn is coming soon, so the Viscato 3D artists prepared the new exterior project of the cottage, surrounded by the autumn vibes and nature. The cottage in the countryside looks very realistic and homey. This exterior is all about new popular features in 3D architecture. Our client willed us to prepare a very interesting solution of the eco-roof with grass. The wooden facade supports the eco idea and makes the whole exterior stylish. Big and wide windows are the best option which helps to make the interior brighter, letting all the sunlight go in. The terrace enveloped in autumn light will become the coziest part. The investor chose a very peaceful location for the cottage, near the mountains and hills. The middle part of the cottage is two-story with full-wall windows, from where the great view is visible. 

The house is for sure one of the main places in our life, so it should be planned with special care. The best way to understand how the project will look like through the different stages of planning is 3D architectural visualization. Our team is happy to help with bringing ideas into life.

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