CLIENT: Archifaktur

Let us present to you the new extraordinary exterior concept of the resort in the magical Alps. The building is situated in the beautiful forest among the majestic spruces. This terrain is the best for the resort, because here visitors may change the environment from a noisy and active city life to breathing and fresh nature. Viscato 3D artists prepared this exterior on the top of a rocky cliff with a bird’s eye view. A multi-story building has an open terrace with a stunning view of the forest. In the middle, you may see the woodenly braided element, which makes the whole exterior unusual and noticeable. This resort is equipped with opened swimming pool and area for sunbathing. The panoramic view of this resort is visible from the windows, terraces or from the swimming pools. Building forms create harmony with the austere mountains. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling in the surroundings.

Our team is sure, this project will be implemented successfully in the real-life and conquer the attention of many visitors.

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Two-storey house, 3D VisualizationThe housing complex, Viscato 3D