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Our 3D artists prepared the project of houses exterior during the winter season. The facade is made not from the brick, as usually, but from the wood. A white wooden facade goes together with crystal winter snow. 3D designers equipped the house with ground lanterns with a warm but bright light that illuminates the snowy paths to the house and the entire surrounding area. Such lanterns adorn landscape design. The exterior of the house already creates a certain coziness, where you want to hide from the winter cold. Or, on the contrary, to make a snowman or play snowballs with family in the territory adjacent to the house. Our team also prepared a bird’s-eye view of the houses, where we may observe the back territory. The exterior plays a big role in people’s perceptions, affecting our minds because first of all, we pay attention to the appearance of the house. The territory adjacent to the house is always an advantage. In the winter it is covered with snow and we may spend some time outside and in the summer the green dooryard will decorate the house.

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