One of our recent projects included preparing  3D product visualizations showing a variety of fireplaces produced by our client from Oslo.

As their products are new to the market they have chosen one of the best ways to introduce their revolutionary ideas and bring them closer to the potential clients by producing photorealistic images in 3D.  The visualizations present ventless fireplaces and burners, and also those which can be put on the table tops. Their big advantage is that the fuel which allows to enjoy a flickering flame is environmentally harmless. The open flames are fully secure and the fact that they can be utilized without a chimney, exhaust extraction or custom-made ventilation is particularly interesting, so the opportunities for their installation are unlimited.

The producers wanted to present their product in the real environment of houses and apartments, which in our opinion is a better option than a regular catalogue version of 3D visuals.

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product visualization in photorealistic interiors, Viscato