CLIENT: Höglinger Bauträger GmbH

This modern duplex house designed in Austria is a multi-family home consisting of two separate units, however, built as a single dwelling. These days, a contemporary, white and grey exterior with a flat roof is thought to be an ultra fashionable and timeless design and is one of the most favourite choices among architects. As the exterior is the first thing the potential buyer would see, it is highly important to make a good first impression and not to break it.

The house perfectly matches the area with its clear colour choice and simple balancing shades and lines. Modern minimalism, symmetry and aesthetic are on the leading edge in this visualisation. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and together with white curtains and roman blinds create the feeling of fanciness. This duplex house may not be the biggest one in the neighborhood, however, the space is effectively used and there are no underutilized places in the house. There are roofed parking spots with easy entrance to the main road. The driveways are finished off in the same colour palette as the building, which allows keeping consistency in the design. As one part of the dwelling is a bit higher on the hill, the residents can find some privacy both in the back and in the front of the building. The garden found in the back is not of an impressive size, but still should be just fine for a regular family.

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Multi-family house in Ottensheim, front elevation detail with car and treesingle house 3D exterior visualization