CLIENT: No 18 – London Finsbury Circus

The project represents the idea of dining and bar area.

Availability of dining area and bar makes it possible to change the environment. For employees there is an opportunity to communicate in semi-informal atmosphere. For CEOs- the chance to impress potential partners or counterparties. 3D artists underlined different kinds of furniture, carpets, greens, light solutions, which in combination create uniquely styled room with an admirable impression. Colors combination makes us to relax, but at the same time be considerable and stay in workable state. Besides the design, the realization emphasizes the functionality of items and its placement around the room. For instance, the availability of cupboard with books in the central part. 

We strongly believe that 3D visualization of such placements is very important for all the organizations which care about the image they project to external environment. This is something that will be always in demand.

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Green walls, 3D renderSaturated green chairs, 3D visualization