Living-room is usually a place where we spend most of our free time during the day. When you add to that equation the kitchen, you get the space that can define your everyday life. In those 3D visualizations, you may see that the interior is not overwhelmed with a lot of details in order to preserve a sensation of a boundless space. The room is kept in bright colours with wooden finishings and a grey wall which adds contrast to the whole space. As you may notice in a great number of contemporary interiors we encounter the Scandinavian style of design. This realization is no exception but there are still some details that deserve an extra attention.

In the central section, you can not miss the fireplace heater painted in black with some chopped logs in. Who did not dream of a home with a fireplace that we can spend evenings with the loved ones? You may also see that the sofa and chairs are matched with the grey wall and on the contrary, to the grey part of the room, there are white finishings that leaves you with the feeling of integrity.

You also need to see this beautiful bathroom which is situated on the same floor as the living-room. All wooden details perfectly fit the white tiles which are covering the walls. For the floor, the designers decided to use the greyish tiles that like in the living space create a perfect combining of two colors. The cohesion of this interior realization is admirable and we would like to see more designs made in this style.

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3D Visualization of the scandinavian design with interesting heater ViscatoPhotorealistic visualization of bright living space Viscato