CLIENT: André Van Ingelgem, Medicineheads  

This interior project is light-colored. Our 3D artists are sure- this color combination is great for kids room, bedroom, or kitchen. Thanks to wide panoramic windows the design plays differently. In this project, you may observe a lot of milky beige in contrast with grey and green accents. Such a color palette is a choice of many investors. Beige furniture and pillows give a gloss to the whole design. This interior solution makes every your day better, empowering the feeling of pageantry. This atmosphere is great to drink a cup of tea, have breakfast with your family and watch films or even do some sport. This is the case when the interior is one of the factors that push you to be active.

Light is energy, life, power. Light makes interiors and consequently our houses more renewed, commodious places of power. 


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